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misc : thailocale
A locale for Thai in Thailand, TIS-620 character set
This software is a POSIX Thai locale definition (Thai in Thailand) for FreeBSD. It defines data files for the character set TIS 620.2533. Once installed, it adds a locale 'th_TH.TIS-620' (and an alias 'th_TH') to your system.
Version number : 0.11
Md5 : MD5 (thailocale-0.11.tar.gz) = 32f909128dc7dad672e2ef3fcd22e8aa SHA256 (thailocale-0.11.tar.gz) = 441e635333859b46da9e02f31dd0966d76a033e6007d14dad8e9769967cee6f1 SIZE (thailocale-0.11.tar.gz) = 6154
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