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misc : tkrunit
GUI app launcher with completion and history
tkRunIt is a run dialog box for X which allows you to execute commandline without using an xterm. tkRunIt was inspired by Xrun but is designed to be completely navigable from the keyboard and to allow extreme customizablility as I often find that personal workspace tools/shortcuts are seldom workflow compatible across users.
Version number : 0.94.1
Md5 : MD5 (tkRunIt-0941.tar.gz) = 350ed155295f8ae81519c2215aadc72c SHA256 (tkRunIt-0941.tar.gz) = 1a2c2203f5c68456bf1e715f10b456821ac86e5d30a5348eca3dbb912d3ea9fd SIZE (tkRunIt-0941.tar.gz) = 17070
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