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misc : txt2regex
A Regular Expression "wizard"
^txt2regex$ is a Regular Expression Wizard that converts human sentences to regexes. In a simple interactive console interface, the user answer questions and the program build the regexes for more than 20 programs, like Vim, Emacs, Perl, PHP, Python, Procmail and It is a Shell Script 100% written with Bash builtin commands.
Version number : 0.8
Md5 : MD5 (txt2regex-0.8.tgz) = 83bc1f95b36fe51ade8d130fab390103 SHA256 (txt2regex-0.8.tgz) = 19a10fbcc144ab80d1998488be380e5c4b307101e2740491d9f90685a5c0fc8d SIZE (txt2regex-0.8.tgz) = 40514
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