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misc : uf-view
A gTK+ viewer for the User Friendly and several other popular comics
UF-View is a calendar-based comic viewer. It was first hacked to view the "User Friendly" comic, and was extended to allow other reccuring comics to be viewed as well. It also supports Angst Technology, Calvin and Hobbes, Little Gamers, Penny Arcade, and PvP.
Version number : 2.4
Md5 : MD5 (uf-view-2.4.tar.gz) = 187ddeb4f03f50e7d291623959ebf6fc SHA256 (uf-view-2.4.tar.gz) = cb5919093e32170f30d7221a8cdf3e53f46a87e96f24657eaa350874191cf503 SIZE (uf-view-2.4.tar.gz) = 158964
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