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misc : unclutter
Remove idle cursor image from screen
unclutter removes the cursor image from the screen so that it does not obstruct the area you are looking at after it has not moved for a given time. It does not do this if the cursor is in the root window or a button is down. It tries to ignore jitter (small movements due to noise) if you have a mouse that twitches.
Version number : 8
Md5 : MD5 (unclutter-8.tar.Z) = 83d7a6498b69078f869378f801b6a84b SHA256 (unclutter-8.tar.Z) = b855a78d4465ab2f86287eacac63a73f1504b08522840aa37718776e7ec9192a SIZE (unclutter-8.tar.Z) = 12344
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