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misc : videotext
X11/Xview TV Videotext/Teletext page viewer (.vtx files)
Videotext is an X11 program to display and print Videotext/Teletext pages saved as .vtx files. It can also drive a wide range of special teletext capture cards (both commercial and home made) To capture Teletext pages to disk, use the vbidecode program which captures Teletext pages with the Bt848/Bt878 TV card/frame grabber.
Version number : 0.6.19991029
Md5 : MD5 (videotext-0.6.19991029.tar.gz) = dfff7f5f3a5ad3353d5c47154d521bb2 SHA256 (videotext-0.6.19991029.tar.gz) = 8041d5ba72006f4dabc85ac0b9efc0da51ba9a34f17bb2e6a0d3f8c73b8561e2 SIZE (videotext-0.6.19991029.tar.gz) = 263727
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