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misc : viz
Convert invisible (binary) characters to a visible form
Copyright (c) 1989-1994 by William Deich. Viz copies its input to its output, converting invisible characters to a visible form. If the -t option is used, the output is formatted in a form that can be completely inverted by inviz, which allows a binary file to be converted to a text form and then back. It is much more flexible than either cat -v or od (either old or POSIX od), and it is also 2-4 times faster. -- Port to FreeBSD 2.2 by Brent J. Nordquist 8 Mar 1997
Version number : 1.1.1
Md5 : MD5 (viz-1.1.1.tgz) = 143c220d970fff674dbad6ef623a6456 SHA256 (viz-1.1.1.tgz) = a5006217d8162029089c019204a880a5fec74b6f23de3f8ca8440ae0b90cd79f SIZE (viz-1.1.1.tgz) = 42619
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