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misc : whichman
Approximate matching utilities to search for manpages and files
Approximate matching searching utilities to search for manpages and files. This package holds THREE little search utilities: * whichman -- search utility for man pages and it works much like the well known unix command "where". * ftff -- a fault tolerant file finder ftff works like the whichman above but searches the directory tree. This is a case in-sensitive and fault tolerant way of 'find . -name xxxx -print' * ftwhich -- a fault tolerant "which" command ftwhich finds files (programs) which are in one of the directories in your PATH and uses a fault tolerant search algorithem.
Version number : 2.4
Md5 : MD5 (whichman-2.4.tar.gz) = cc3d35f26bbd8bf99f4f16b276384333 SHA256 (whichman-2.4.tar.gz) = c8f9ba56d1331a4c777f6ca1dfa4b1c7d2ec766bc0fa20063cf0213476580fc0 SIZE (whichman-2.4.tar.gz) = 18379
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