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misc : wmScoreBoard
Window Maker dockapp that display game scores from excite
wmScoreBoard is a Window Maker Dock App that shows the current (or final) score to a game that a specified team is playing in. The app currently gets its scores from Excite. Author: Todd Kuper - Patrick Li
Version number : 0.30
Md5 : MD5 (wmScoreBoard-0.30.tar.gz) = 410b27ef95c2e46e8d1b06c191ec59a0 SHA256 (wmScoreBoard-0.30.tar.gz) = f75edaa28cf3df18eae99eec91057567bdf8e54b2c2ddaa25e7d40e90d1395ea SIZE (wmScoreBoard-0.30.tar.gz) = 19430
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