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misc : wminfo
Dockapp to run shell scripts and display the output
This dockapp is designed to be very general purpose. It can display any kind of information as long as it is in text-format. It uses plugins to retrieve the information. Any script or program that sends its output to stdout can be used (have a look at the scripts in the plugins directory of the source tarball for examples). Author: Robert Kling
Version number : 1.51
Md5 : MD5 (wminfo-1.51.tar.gz) = dd4b168a31847694dfdb74772c57b7da SHA256 (wminfo-1.51.tar.gz) = a9d5b7439a77d538122ace6338f297e9c67709241a38ab61cdc31a3a80b8ba73 SIZE (wminfo-1.51.tar.gz) = 19459
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