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misc : wmx10
Remote control for X10 devices
wmx10 is a companion to Tymm Twilliam's Bottlerocket software, which controls X10's Firecracker Home Automation kit. The program is a WindowMaker/AfterStep applet. It allows for turning off, turning on, dimming, and brightening of X10 modules via bottlerocket's functions. wmx10 controls one "house" at a time, up to sixteen separate devices on each "house".
Version number : 0.03
Md5 : MD5 (wmx10-0.03.tar.gz) = 0fd038df0cec856168eff40734feafca SHA256 (wmx10-0.03.tar.gz) = 3c3cb248eeb5bbd7eceed5e10a1815c0be8e4f6bb038fb823e9a86e2de1a80bf SIZE (wmx10-0.03.tar.gz) = 26950
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