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misc : wotsap
Web of trust statistics and pathfinder
Find paths between two keys in the OpenPGP Web of Trust, and get statistics about a key or the whole web. Observe: * We only search the largest strongly connected set. * No attempt is made to verify the signatures. For you to be able to trust a path, you must verify all signatures yourself. * Even if there exists a path between you and another key, you have to trust the other people in at least one path in the graph to trust the key. Keys can be specified as normal key IDs (0x12345678 or 12345678), or a number of space-separated case-insensitive search terms (i.e. "[email protected]" or "@gnu Stallman").
Version number : 0.6
Md5 : MD5 (wotsap-0.6.tgz) = 347755ecab208977e880cfc3182ead03 SHA256 (wotsap-0.6.tgz) = 9761d55d4b3039e7943599fc410e3056419eb77a334a4a09011fb94fc6ec38f3 SIZE (wotsap-0.6.tgz) = 38381
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