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misc : xenmenu
Highly customizable, text-based menu generator
With xenmenu, users have an easy-to-understand yet flexable menu programming language with which to create pleasing menus quickly and easily. These menus, stored as plain ASCII files, can be modified on the fly and reinstalled without having to recompile anything or halting xenmenu while reconfiguring. Xenmenu can also be used as a secure user shell.
Version number : 0.8b
Md5 : MD5 (xenmenu-0.8b.tar.gz) = 104bea7f94cef46fb2358e8fe9490e08 SHA256 (xenmenu-0.8b.tar.gz) = ad1a7067662bef19129c5036d302ab4b787e6fb3c0422e184a68935d3ed13ca6 SIZE (xenmenu-0.8b.tar.gz) = 55756
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