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misc : xgas
The animated simulation of an ideal gas
Xgas, animated simulation of an ideal gas Xgas is a physical simulation of an ideal gas in a heated box. Gas molecules move around the box with velocities dependent on their temperature. A chamber consisting of two boxes contains the gas molecules collide with the walls, their temperature approaches that of the box. Use mouse button 1 to create molecules one at a time at the cursor position. Use mouse button 2 to create the maximum number of molecules at the cursor position. Usage: xgas [ -options ] Options: -as Sets the autoStart resource. -ts Sets the timeStepSize resource. -d Sets the delay resource. -rb Sets the randomBounce resource. -eq Sets the equilibrium resource. -mm Sets the maxMolecules resource. -fg Sets the foreground. -bg Sets the background. Yukihiro Nakai
Version number : 1.0
Md5 : MD5 (xgas.tar.gz) = e178cfbf2cede83e95028bf3858ba4f3 SHA256 (xgas.tar.gz) = ef2253e1eddd0adeb2ba68b67b8953d0e0eed7011e2498458eaa9c445fef9759 SIZE (xgas.tar.gz) = 35456
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