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misc : xtail
Watches the growth of files or directories
"xtail" watches the growth of files. It's like running a "tail -f" on a bunch of files at once. You can specify both filenames and directories on the command line. If you specify a directory, it watches all the files in that directory. It will notice when new files are created (and start watching them) or when old files are deleted (and stop watching them). This program is an oldie but goodie. It was posted to comp.sources.misc in July 1989 (see I remember posting an even earlier version to alt.sources. It has been published in the O'Reilly & Associates "Unix Power Tools" collection (book and CD-ROM). Over the years, some fly-by-night organizations (such as the MIT X Consortium and SGI) have tried to steal the "xtail" name. Don't be fooled! Insist on the original.
Version number : 2.1
Md5 : MD5 (xtail-2.1.tar.gz) = 2e4717c591a2cbbd4aeb63d00c87a0cb SHA256 (xtail-2.1.tar.gz) = 75184926dffd89e9405769b24f01c8ed3b25d3c4a8eac60271fc5bb11f6c2d53 SIZE (xtail-2.1.tar.gz) = 26769
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