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palm : hdconv
Converts HanDBase database to CSV, and vice versa
This is the Linux version of the HanDBase desktop software. It's purpose is to translate between HanDBase databases and files of comma-separated data. It does not include the graphical front-end of the Windows version, but it does have all of the functionality. Formerly it was located at, but it does not seem to be on that site as of October 2003.
Version number : 2.01f
Md5 : MD5 (handbase_desktop_2_01f.i386-any-linux2.0.tar.gz) = c366f8d8b4ea490ccce0ae7ab10ba2f3 SIZE (handbase_desktop_2_01f.i386-any-linux2.0.tar.gz) = 103815
Linux Software