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palm : iSiloXC
Converts documents from text/html files or URLs to iSilo format
iSiloXC is the command-line tool for creating iSilo documents. It takes as input a conversion list file that specifies the information needed to create a set of documents. iSiloXC converts text or HTML documents to the iSilo 3.x document format. These can then be installed on a Palm Pilot, using tools in the palm/pilot-link port. These files are only readable using the iSilo reader, available from the web site. Main features: * text file formats: HTML, CSS, text, Palm Doc * image file formats: jpeg, gif, bmp, png * conversion from local or Web contents, multiple root sources * apply security attributes to converted documents
Version number : 4.30
Md5 : MD5 ( = 8118acb572584c1137fe6d29cb6440cf SHA256 ( = 8376d2ea7ed45573e97ac4a042a162c55cabb9009e44e6835775c0d0d648a97c SIZE ( = 706091
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