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palm : isilo
Converts documents from text/HTML to iSilo format
iSilo converts text or HTML documents to the Palm Pilot .pdb format. These can then be installed on a Palm Pilot, using tools in the palm/pilot-link port. These files are only readable using the iSilo reader, available from the web site. A free reader exists, as does a more featureful shareware reader. Their primary advantages over other Palm Pilot DOC readers are 1. Internal links in the original HTML are maintained. 2. A reasonable facsimile of the original HTML formatting is maintained. 3. Images in the original HTML file are dithered and scaled, for viewing on the Pilot.
Version number : 2.58
Md5 : MD5 ( = 5563d24943b053cce754bcbb02a5e592 SHA256 ( = 076b4cbc90bd14c47be8676499fa7955f43b253aa5f73b07d88862df170a392e SIZE ( = 97496
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