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palm : jpilot-db
A desktop app for pilot-db
JPilot-DB is a sister project of pilot-db. JPilot-DB provides a desktop application for creating and editing database files that can be read on the Palm with pilot-db. Together, these two applications provide a complete desktop <-> palm solutions for your database needs.
Version number : 1.3.20
Md5 : MD5 (jpilot-db-1.3.20-ej.jar) = 59368c2e9afb147fca243e97c1b4ebcb SHA256 (jpilot-db-1.3.20-ej.jar) = c041a03dbb05e936844442b626a9f017532440ad5c6727b7e5348d9c83ddee0f SIZE (jpilot-db-1.3.20-ej.jar) = 4254301
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