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palm : makeztxt
Command line utility to create GutenPalm's zTXT format databases
makeztxt is a simple command line program that takes a plain ASCII text file and compresses it into a zTXT database. makeztxt will remove newline characters at the end of lines that contain text so that the paragraphs flow better on the Palm screen.
Version number : 1.60
Md5 : MD5 (makeztxt-1.60-src.tar.gz) = d2f4166191b8ddd1033252de2d4680b5 SHA256 (makeztxt-1.60-src.tar.gz) = 016b1542e40819e2854cf617c2ab08c7f9aebc26dd613673e81a95603dde7146 SIZE (makeztxt-1.60-src.tar.gz) = 39508
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