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palm : malsync
Sync to Mobile Application Link (MAL) compliant servers
This is a bare bones utility to enable people who have Palm OS devices to sync to Mobile Application Link (MAL) compliant servers. AvantGo ( and Puma Technologies ( are the first two companies committing to producing servers which speak this protocol. This utility will allow a user to sync with multiple servers, simultaneously or separately. The service ( is the first such server. There is currently no way to set server parameters on the desktop; you need to use the MobileLink application on the device. MALSync only operates from the command line. If you want to build it into some Unix-based, HotSync-like GUI, more power to you.
Version number : 2.10
Md5 : MD5 (malsync_2.1.0.src.tar.gz) = 7fb71bba9d83ed2f0758b807ab4cc6a2 SIZE (malsync_2.1.0.src.tar.gz) = 170554
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