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palm : palm-db-tools
Utilities for the PalmOS flat-file database programs
This package includes several utilities that let you convert text files in CSV (comma-separated value) format to several flat-file database formats used on PalmOS PDAs and back again.
Version number : 0.3.6
Md5 : MD5 (palm-db-tools-0_3_6.tar.gz) = 483d2b18dcc2ef8cd5f7e27715d43bfe SHA256 (palm-db-tools-0_3_6.tar.gz) = 8a9860873fc16901df1b2793c28f070eeaee1a14d8593f86478828f1ad01cdd2 SIZE (palm-db-tools-0_3_6.tar.gz) = 201644
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