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palm : pdbc
Palm DataBase Compiler/Decompiler
pdbc is a compiler that converts a source file into a Palm DataBase (PDB) file or Palm Resource (PRC) file. The language the pdbc compiler understands is designed to be easy to understand and write. Yet it is powerful enough to give the freedom to describe the binary content of the database records in a variety of ways. It is also easy to generate the pdbc source file from another language (e.g. Perl). In addition to the pdbc tool there is also pdbdec. pdbdec is a decompiler which converts any PDB or PRC file into a pdbc source file. This is useful to check the correctness of the pdbc generated file and to analyze other PDB files. pdbc and pdbdec are command line tools.
Version number : 0.9.5
Md5 : MD5 ( = 8bd31307bc79134cce63876a8b0534f6 SHA256 ( = 967dc7fadb5b1e80b3320b3e941d906729050e9ae51d3fdf761f16b3a84f47c9 SIZE ( = 220150
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