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Palm OS(R) Emulator
The Palm OS(R) Emulator is software that emulates the hardware of the various models of Palm OS(R) platform devices. It is extremely valuable for writing, testing and debugging applications. Create "virtual" handhelds by running the Emulator on Windows, Mac OS, or Unix computers. Emulated devices can be loaded with new ROMs, so you can test your application with virtual devices, including different devices than you own, foreign language ROMs, and debug-enabled ROMs for extra error checking and debugging features. It was based on "Copilot", written by several different developers, principally Greg Hewgill. Palm enhanced it with new features, debugging support, and support for more recent ROMs.
Version number : 3.5
Md5 : MD5 (emulator_src_3.5.tar.gz) = c69b10798e524b999739bf1950125655 SHA256 (emulator_src_3.5.tar.gz) = c5e0d23424e88525bfba0ecdf0a432a8d93c885d04740df06a9eeee44e5f25e4 SIZE (emulator_src_3.5.tar.gz) = 3162363 MD5 (emulator-skins-19.tar.gz) = 960a83baa3a306442a6ea743543947bd SHA256 (emulator-skins-19.tar.gz) = aeb88bcb5b05d9256b91569d3a4eb9a2778d224483b993264ccdb6b94d116982 SIZE (emulator-skins-19.tar.gz) = 2443913
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