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A graphical BSD ports collection manager
BSD Ports Manipuator (BPM) is a graphical ports collection manager for FreeBSD. It has a GTK+ 2.0 interface and allows you to add, remove, or upgrade software packages on your system without requiring you to use a command-line. In addition, it can display details about available, installed, and out-of-date ports, as well as allowing you to search based on port descriptions. BPM uses the existing ports collection structure, allowing it to build ports from source and integrate seamlessly with other tools. This project started out as a clone of Ports for DarwinPorts.
Version number : 0.4.1b
Md5 : MD5 (bpm-0.4.1b.tgz) = 2704ba7b6f6935a93b2973aa0e82028d SHA256 (bpm-0.4.1b.tgz) = 8ed675ad6f572fd2872e40ab5d037f9175ce23020cd0abab403665f3a6935fc1 SIZE (bpm-0.4.1b.tgz) = 98457
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