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ports-mgmt : portcheck
Maintains the ports tree and checks up the installed packages
Portcheck is a simple and small script for FreeBSD that first updates the ports tree and then runs an update and a security checkup of all the installed packages. Portcheck depends on portsnap, portaudit and pkg_version.
Version number : 1.13
Md5 : MD5 (rerolled/portcheck-1.13.tbz) = 8799a9181e4bbd42723ea0d814d02199 SHA256 (rerolled/portcheck-1.13.tbz) = 3e9900c771bbbca08e19681165804801afe3d18db699e7e7284fe541965425b2 SIZE (rerolled/portcheck-1.13.tbz) = 2260
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