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ports-mgmt : portless
Quick display of files inside the FreeBSD ports tree
The portless utility is a small shell script which lets FreeBSD users quickly browse port descriptions given the port's name or a glob. Basically to view the descriptions of GCC (related) ports you simply type portless gcc\* and it will display all descriptions of the gcc* ports. There are options to display the port's postinstall message or Makefile too. A manpage is included. - Martin Kammerhofer [email protected]
Version number : 0.2.7
Md5 : MD5 ( = 0473f21d5b1884b40cb2eab183c210ef SHA256 ( = c7d76ba7d59be5276a480f2defdbd0e0c79fd51be9669354805b96817ba57306 SIZE ( = 1780
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