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ports-mgmt : porttools
Tools for testing and submitting port updates and new ports
FreeBSD Port Tools includes the following commands: - port create: create a new port from a template - port diff: generate a diff against a previous version of the port - port fetch: fetch distfile(s) of a new version of the port - port help: display usage summary for port(1) commands - port submit: submit a PR with new port, or port change/update - port test: automate testing a new port or a port update
Version number : 0.77
Md5 : MD5 (porttools-0.77.tar.gz) = 2de9a0d3578826f09c91e6bdcb0d7263 SHA256 (porttools-0.77.tar.gz) = 618b810f44a0859045a7f692690c221d4ac8773fa97ad7e5c7a364ac0ed7ada0 SIZE (porttools-0.77.tar.gz) = 19071
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