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ports-mgmt : vulnerability-test-port
Standard vulnerability test for port auditing systems
This is a package to test FreeBSD port auditing systems, e.g. portaudit and the upcoming VuXML based system. Even though it installs no files, it is registered in the local package database. Its version number is automagically the installation date, so that you can update it every day ;-) If the date is off by one day keep in mind that the date is in UTC which may differ from your local time up to twelve hours, depending on the time zone you live in. The portaudit database lists yesterday's vulnerability test port as vulnerable so that it should appear in your security report approximately after a week, depending on the synchronization schedule of your database. If you try install the port with make INSTALLATION_DATE=`date -u -v-14d "+%Y.%m.%d"` install the port is instantly flagged as vulnerable and the ports system should hinder you installing it (currently not implemented), otherwise your vulnerability database is too old. Oliver Eikemeier
Version number : ${INSTALLATION_DATE}
Md5 : MD5 (tinderbox-2.4.2.tar.gz) = 339dbbd9cde403e54771ef8d0f4101d4 SHA256 (tinderbox-2.4.2.tar.gz) = 578264daf7fbfad97cadeade58517cfa748c8e366e1e9884dbd1854db47b4d63 SIZE (tinderbox-2.4.2.tar.gz) = 130770 MD5 (favicon.ico) = 1d2e9e267ca81f0ef5bc7b9c391aaced SHA256 (favicon.ico) = 842f1e23dcfcee24d4d7578381256256cda994347751fb332b6eb2182eae216e SIZE (favicon.ico) = 4710
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