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russian : apache13
The extremely popular Apache http server. Very fast, very clean
Russian Apache Version 30.0 (and up) Russian Apache is an HTTP server designed to work on a Russian market. All the documentation is on-line on the
Version number : ${APACHE_VERSION}+${RA_VERSION}
Md5 : MD5 (apache_1.3.37.tar.gz) = b278f0969a9ccadeb781316e79e3520f SHA256 (apache_1.3.37.tar.gz) = 9f27889bfbf418b987a892160e52fd217d66391df2870f3ecac877ef565c4bfc SIZE (apache_1.3.37.tar.gz) = 2665370 MD5 (patches_1.3.37rusPL30.23.tar.gz) = b6f702913aae4624f47ce74cec18889d SHA256 (patches_1.3.37rusPL30.23.tar.gz) = 16f742aa531469980a80ba9f50cbb88f091bca1bb0cba457288992a4bc8f0d65 SIZE (patches_1.3.37rusPL30.23.tar.gz) = 138315
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