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russian : mueller-dic
Mueller English-Russian dictionary
This is the GPL'd 7th edition of the very well known English-Russian dictionary by V.K.Mueller. It is arranged as single text file with cyrillic letters KOI8-R encoded. Transcription symbols correspond to the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) standard. There is also a simple dictionary search utility is included in this port. Look at specified URL for other available tools.
Version number : 1.2
Md5 : MD5 (mueller-dic/Mueller7accentGPL.tgz) = b882581e130ffa0ea3baea5eeea484a2 SHA256 (mueller-dic/Mueller7accentGPL.tgz) = 7fa056e0b2c64778328ea095d57bfb32b81068c0cbfd7b9cb47e103618c2d325 SIZE (mueller-dic/Mueller7accentGPL.tgz) = 2475132 MD5 (mueller-dic/yusupov_mf.tgz) = 6d32c801ab00ce1cdb87391ff8b26db7 SHA256 (mueller-dic/yusupov_mf.tgz) = 5b93f71cb023f6636b23b448ae628582f59f14c2eaa8d8fe9f5d89ae9c8a46d1 SIZE (mueller-dic/yusupov_mf.tgz) = 6056
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