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russian : p5-cyrillic
Library for fast and easy cyrillic text manipulation
This module includes cyrillic string conversion functions from one and to another charset, to upper and to lower case without locale switching. Also included single-byte charsets detection routine. It is easy to add new code pages. For this purpose it is necessary only to add appropriate string of a code page. Author: Albert MICHEEV
Version number : 2.09
Md5 : MD5 (cyrillic-2.09.tar.gz) = f076afb741137ef92f7fe558b3f4db86 SHA256 (cyrillic-2.09.tar.gz) = 9e8f17818abf0324659cc25ca15995418d48a2212648c995e64312b6196010ac SIZE (cyrillic-2.09.tar.gz) = 8926
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