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russian : pgp.language
Russian language module for PGP
Russian language module for PGP Currently, two charsets handled by PGP, it is koi8-r and alternate codes. Internal representation of text files is koi8-r with CR/LF. If you transfer text file out of your local system, don't forget to add -t (text) option to 'pgp' call. Without it, your text can't be read if local and remote system charsets are different, f.e. Unix<-->MSDOS transfer.
Version number : 2.6.3ia
Md5 : MD5 ( = 0c0c5d31f219bf22f6ce7ba3bc90446b SHA256 ( = 33a076c63d993cf6bb927ba581312d8c9c037c0956f62250ed711563b581c5f8 SIZE ( = 18131
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