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russian : pscyr
Cyrillic PostScript Type1 fonts for use with TeX
Collection of files providing support for Cyrillic PostScript Fonts in TeX documents. Final output is PostScript or PDF. The following fonts are included: Roman family: AcademyPSCyr, AntiquaPSCyr, HandbookPSCyr, CollegePSCyr, JournalPSCyr, Lazurski, TimesNewRomanPSMT; Sans Serif family: ArialMT, TextbookPSCyr, MagazinePSCyr; Typewriter family: CourierNewPSMT, ERKurierPSCyr; Decorative: CooperPSCyr, AdvertisementPSCyr. The package provides 71 different font shapes altogether. The glyph set is sufficient to typeset documents in Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian.
Version number : 0.4c${PATCH_LEVEL}
Md5 : MD5 (PSCyr-0.4c-patch2-tex.tar.gz) = af9c7dbb09ad4c6fe75e688993949315 SHA256 (PSCyr-0.4c-patch2-tex.tar.gz) = 1bf358ac35f749e85ca2eee0e50d45b769875937b6980e3d93af6e485ebc0cdd SIZE (PSCyr-0.4c-patch2-tex.tar.gz) = 186735 MD5 (PSCyr-0.4c-patch2-type1.tar.gz) = 123e9188761ca01c7ce53cd2b72c3c99 SHA256 (PSCyr-0.4c-patch2-type1.tar.gz) = 59f72859541439e19a4115b8417c8c386e151769cf43185aa58027ce3c6a54ae SIZE (PSCyr-0.4c-patch2-type1.tar.gz) = 1866345
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