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russian : rus-ispell
New Russian dictionaries for ispell
New Russian dictionaries for ispell This package contains a list of Russian words and an affix file to be used with a well-known ispell spelling checker. It may be especially useful for UNIX users. The word list is based on the early one collected by Neal Dalton. After removing illegal words and adding many new rules and words, the dictionaries contain now over 90,100 basic words and produce over 892,000 related words (compared to 52,000 words in Neal's version). This package seems to be the only one that supports the right spelling of words with the Russian letter 'yo' (other dictionaries simply replace the letter 'yo' by 'ye'). Further detailed documentation on the package is in Russian (koi8-r character set) in README.koi file.
Version number : 0.99g3
Md5 : MD5 (rus-ispell-0.99g3.tar.gz) = 5ea7266ce002048527d00cb14a22e703 SHA256 (rus-ispell-0.99g3.tar.gz) = 0197f0b72d33e67adde4486a5b3f32229156ce57f55200d356f10b764d52a7be SIZE (rus-ispell-0.99g3.tar.gz) = 524445
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