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russian : xpi-tabextensions
Improves tabbed browsing
Russian version of Tabbrowsing Extensions for Firefox. This is an extension for extending operations of tabbed browsing, e.g., tabs become re-ordable by drag and drop, show tabs like a tree, and so on.
Version number : 2.1.2006031301
Md5 : MD5 (xpi/tabextensions_2.1.2006031301-ru-RU_en.xpi) = 4c163506260add994cbf22aaedec5ead SHA256 (xpi/tabextensions_2.1.2006031301-ru-RU_en.xpi) = 588bb605cff881e3689536d6d86d030e74bef366370fb35f040d700a6beca998 SIZE (xpi/tabextensions_2.1.2006031301-ru-RU_en.xpi) = 328762
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