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shells : bush
The Business Shell
BUSH, the Business Shell, is a powerful Linux/UNIX shell for designing secure, reliable scripts that can be later compiled as a fast executable programs. It can also be used an an interactive login shell or to generate Java Virtual Machine or .Net applications. BUSH is a robust and readable alternative to BASH, CSH, and (to a certain extent) Python and PERL. BUSH comes with many built-in packages including numerics, string processing, sound and database access.
Version number : 1.0.3
Md5 : MD5 (bush-1.0.3-src.tgz) = 7faae5efdd516441973acd8188be8375 SHA256 (bush-1.0.3-src.tgz) = 9478f5a8c0bad9822fbf4efb07e356c93a85a3ddbf5b3211162c133c92ebdf84 SIZE (bush-1.0.3-src.tgz) = 1432520
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