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shells : es
An extensible shell, derived from plan9's rc
Es is an extensible shell. The language was derived from the Plan 9 shell, rc, and was influenced by functional programming languages, such as Scheme, and the Tcl embeddable programming language. This implementation is derived from Byron Rakitzis's public domain implementation of rc. Es is in the public domain. We hold no copyrights or patents on the source code, and do not place any restrictions on its distribution. We would appreciate it if any distributions do credit the authors. Enjoy! -- Paul Haahr & Byron Rakitzis
Version number : 0.9.b1
Md5 : MD5 (es-0.9-beta1.tar.gz) = 1d0f771d94d9d8f958f264f1757b8620 SHA256 (es-0.9-beta1.tar.gz) = 4085cd7a958fe8753abc026ed1450bd8fac4c70b753a650c5c3618bbe80d082b SIZE (es-0.9-beta1.tar.gz) = 163504
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