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shells : ksh93
Official AT&T release of KornShell 93
KSH-93 is the most recent version of the KornShell Language described in "The KornShell Command and Programming Language," by Morris Bolsky and David Korn of AT&T Bell Laboratories. The KornShell is a shell programming language, which is upward compatible with "sh" (the Bourne Shell), and is intended to conform to the IEEE P1003.2/ISO 9945.2 Shell and Utilities standard. KSH-93 provides an enhanced programming environment in addition to the major command-entry features of the BSD shell "csh". With KSH-93, medium-sized programming tasks can be performed at shell-level without a significant loss in performance. In addition, "sh" scripts can be run on KSH-93 without modification.
Version number : ${VERSION:S/-//g}
Md5 : MD5 (ksh93/INIT.2007-06-28.tgz) = 6d515cfbb3191bd78c567a2ed0035dd1 SHA256 (ksh93/INIT.2007-06-28.tgz) = ca7a721c6578652274ec314d36137f27a18479009ff1cf49c11e974f814ef612 SIZE (ksh93/INIT.2007-06-28.tgz) = 345381 MD5 (ksh93/ast-ksh.2007-06-28.tgz) = c9096f6ecfe49010aed0eb5f4dda9757 SHA256 (ksh93/ast-ksh.2007-06-28.tgz) = 1cc41393ac37f7deb4ce689b70b83ce85aa811b57837046942823557aa79794c SIZE (ksh93/ast-ksh.2007-06-28.tgz) = 1662649
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