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shells : mudsh
An "intelligent" game-like shell
Is there any reason why a shell (or command line) cannot be as tolerant or as intelligent as a text adventure game like Zork, or a MUD [Multi User Dungeon]? Is there any reason why a shell cannot work like such a game? ("Go North", etc.) Actually, no and we have the implementation to prove it. Have fun, and don't get eaten by a Grue!
Version number : 20010311
Md5 : MD5 (mudsh) = df4e4c07d7b5d0ef68cc24b91c426310 SHA256 (mudsh) = 007a7093ac6ede907fc13babf20deee4832b1bfaa7ff6757060cb9a4c2f29a60 SIZE (mudsh) = 21309
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