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shells : p5-Term-ShellUI
A fully-featured shell-like command line environment
Term::ShellUI uses the history and autocompletion features of Term::ReadLine to present a sophisticated command-line interface to the user. It tries to make every feature that one would expect to see in a fully interactive shell trivial to implement. You simply declare your command set and let ShellUI take care of the heavy lifting.
Version number : 0.86
Md5 : MD5 (Term-ShellUI-0.86.tar.gz) = cab5c5876ad3d54794a08e8e6536a990 SHA256 (Term-ShellUI-0.86.tar.gz) = 5cdf0567a9290c3f3fad2fb892e09f62f08f643042f1b4feaa0a25858729a763 SIZE (Term-ShellUI-0.86.tar.gz) = 43479
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