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shells : pash
A full-screen shell (commander GUI) for *nix.
Pash 2.2 is a full screen shell, a Commander for Unix. The versions distributed through this website are ports of Pash to PC Unix Operating Systems. The standard main screen displays 2 windows containing a listing of the 2 current directories, a menu bar and a command line. Pash can switch to a 4 window mode. Here's a view of this feature along with part of the pull-down menu system. Selected files in each window will be highlighted. Besides all the classical file manipulation functions (copy, move, ...), Pash also acts as a shell, allowing you to control Processes and IPC devices. - George Reid [email protected]
Version number : 2.2
Md5 : MD5 (pash.sources.tar.gz) = 38fd3ef6fddc84cbd484073404238af6 SHA256 (pash.sources.tar.gz) = 90edfdb6f7e40470080d6d8e60781e1e2f9414477e80e2dda632ef59299c5a1e SIZE (pash.sources.tar.gz) = 123744
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