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shells : sash
A Stand-Alone shell combining many common utilities
SASH (Stand-Alone SHell) It is a nice combination of bare-bones shell and a dozen or so most useful unix commands. Shell includes: echo pwd cd mkdir mknod rmdir sync rm chmod chown chgrp touch mv ln cp cmp more exit setenv printenv umask kill where Commands include: dd ed grep gzip ls tar file find mount chattr SASH is a port from Linux version (David Bell) by Andrzej Bialecki .
Version number : 3.7
Md5 : MD5 (sash-3.7.tar.gz) = ee7c7ed5aad76599974d016a6f201ef4 SHA256 (sash-3.7.tar.gz) = 352726adb9736ba5a9b459d5c8a7d7c3b2c36cc99363adccc25a8a991d719c7f SIZE (sash-3.7.tar.gz) = 50337
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