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shells : scponly
A tiny shell that only permits scp and sftp
[Excerpted from the README:] "scponly" is an alternative "shell" (of sorts) for system administrators who would like to provide access to remote users to both read and write local files without providing any remote execution privileges. Functionally, it is best described as a wrapper to the tried-and-true ssh suite. scponly validates remote requests by examining the third argument passed to the shell upon login. (The first argument is the shell itself, and the second is -c.) The only commands allowed are "scp", "sftp-server" and "ls". Arguments to these commands are passed along unmolested.
Version number : 4.6
Md5 : MD5 (scponly-4.6.tgz) = 0425cb868cadd026851238452f1db907 SHA256 (scponly-4.6.tgz) = dfa5a334d66150289a391aea4dc00d1b039c644fd1c628bdeddaa7b0710e01a7 SIZE (scponly-4.6.tgz) = 96578
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