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shells : tcsh-bofh
Patch tcsh to providing user activity logging to syslog
Log commands run from tcsh to syslog under the USER facility, the advantages of this is that a program does not need elevated privileges to send to syslog, so a shell run by a user can log the commands the users issues to syslog but(providing you have sane syslog file permissions) Author: EF
Version number : 6.12.00
Md5 : MD5 (tcsh-6.12.00.tar.gz) = dccf1e673103594546fe74c313932428 SHA256 (tcsh-6.12.00.tar.gz) = 7413c640757eb7230af4b1c0029f7cd83a9ff7439a8372bbe986fce50bb66770 SIZE (tcsh-6.12.00.tar.gz) = 824297 MD5 (tcsh-6.12.00-bofh.tgz) = b883a97198ba0ad73d82023c7a99d39e SHA256 (tcsh-6.12.00-bofh.tgz) = 505e45033ed1abcdbbcc10c92d8e190011ee9891dbb267a3c8b6c2595467515e SIZE (tcsh-6.12.00-bofh.tgz) = 2082
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