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shells : vshnu
New Visual Shell
In the Unix tradition, it works with things already there and fills a empty niche. When incorporating it into your Unix environment, you keep your command line shell, your editor, your pager, and access to all your tools, tricks and know-how. Vshnu can operate as an optional supplemental visual mode to your command line shell. You switch between command line and visual mode easily as you wish. Your interface bandwidth and power for Unix operations is on a higher plane and life gets sweeter.
Version number : 1.0300
Md5 : MD5 (vshnu-1.0300.tar.gz) = 38bd9ed339b6784885780a138c91da4d SHA256 (vshnu-1.0300.tar.gz) = 9ce987766fcec57c40c514ac943f47c072041ca409a1b7cf4ea4ba7198e078cd SIZE (vshnu-1.0300.tar.gz) = 78420
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