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zisofs-tools User utilities for zisofs
xfce4-utils XFce 4 essential utilities and scripts
xfce4-mcs-plugins XFce 4 settings manager plugins
xfce4-mcs-manager XFce 4 settings manager
xfce4-fsguard-plugin XFce4 panel plugin to check a mountpoint for free disk space
weedit File duplicate scanner with database support
webmin Web-based interface for system administration for Unix
virtualmin A virtual hosting management system based on webmin
usermin Web-based interface for performing some user tasks
uptimed uptime daemon

All linux sysutils software (ordered by name)

3dm 3ware RAID controller monitoring daemon and web server
915resolution Resolution tool for Intel i915 video cards
LPRng An Enhanced Printer Spooler
LPRngTool Configuration Tool for LPRng
Tee An enhanced version of tee(1)
aaccli Adaptec SCSI RAID administration tool
abck Manage intrusion attemps recorded in the system log
acidlaunch An application launcher with simple XML-based configuration syntax
adtool Active Directory administration tool
afbinit Sun AFB aka Sun Elite 3D microcode firmware loader
afio Archiver & backup program w/ builtin compression
ah-tty Ah-tty is an automatic helper for command prompts and shells
anacron Schedules periodic jobs on systems that are not permanently up
and Auto Nice Daemon
anteater A MTA log analyzer
apachetop Apache RealTime log stats
apcpwr Control APC 9211 MasterSwitchs via snmp
apcupsd A daemon for controlling APC UPS
asapm Laptop battery status display for X11
ascpu CPU statistics monitor utility for XFree86
asfsm File-system monitor for the AfterStep window manager
asmem An AfterStep look-n-feel memory utilization monitor
asmon A swallowable applet monitors the CPU usage, memory and swap, etc
asr-utils Adaptec ASR RAID Management Software
ataidle Utility to spin down ATA drives
autopsy Graphical interface to The Sleuth Kit
bacula The network backup solution
barry A nice KDE frontend to the ports system
battfink An energy saving preferences app for GNOME
bbapm APM monitor for the Blackbox slit
bbsmount Graphical disk mounter for the Blackbox slit
bchunk Converts .bin/.cue files to .iso/audio
bkpupsd A simple UPS daemon for APC BK Pro(TM)
bksh Backup-only shell
blimitd Daemon to enforce login.conf limits
bsdsar System Activity Reporter for FreeBSD
bubblemon-dockapp X eye candy for displaying CPU and memory load in a dock
bubblemon2 A system CPU and memory load monitor for GNOME2
ccd2iso A CloneCD to ISO converter
ccze Fast log colorizer
cd-write A X11 based CD-burner
cd9660_unicode A kernel driver for reading CD disks with non-English filenames
cdargs Navigate the filesystem using a menu interface or a bookmark system
cdbakeoven KDE frontend for cdrecord and mkisofs/mkhybrid
cdbkup Simple but full-featured backup/restore perl scripts (uses gnu tar)
cdroot Scripts to automate setting up a bootable CD-ROM based FreeBSD system
cdrtools CD/CD-R[W] and ISO-9660 image creation and extraction tools CD/CD-R[W] and ISO-9660 image creation and extraction tools CD/CD-R[W] and ISO-9660 image creation and extraction tools
cdrtools-devel CD/DVD and ISO-9660 image creation and extraction tools
cfengine A systems administration tool for networks
cfengine2 A systems administration tool for networks
checkservice Checkservice is written to check the status of the services
chgrep Fast string substitution across multiple files
clean Automatically remove unwanted files
clockspeed Uses a hardware tick counter to compensate for deviant system clock
clockspeed-conf Supervise scripts for clockspeed to use daemontools
cloop-utils Compressed loop FS utils
cmdwatch Watches the output from a command at specified intervals
cog A program for editing advanced GNOME settings in an easy way
colorize A robust log colorizer
comconsole Setup your PC to use serial port COM1 as its console device
consolehm Console based hardware monitor for FreeBSD
contool Console tool for openlook
copytape A program that is used to duplicate magtapes
coreutils The Free Software Foundation's core utilities
cotty Simple command-line pseudo terminal manager
cpbk Backup Copy programm
cpdup A comprehensive filesystem mirroring and backup program
cpu Change Password Utility for LDAP
cpuburn CPU/memory stress testing utilities
crashme A tool to test an operating system's robustness
cronolog A web log rotation utility that provides datestamp filenames
curly Generalize listed filenames to csh-extended glob patterns
cvsweb-converters Create hyperlinks to cvsweb from cvs[up] output or FreeBSD commitlogs
daemontools Service monitoring and logging utilities by djb
daemontools53 Service monitoring and logging utilities by djb
dar A full featured command-line backup tool, aimed for disks
dc42wrap Wrap a \"raw\" floppy image as an Apple DiskCopy 4.2 file
deleted Daemon for garbage collection in directories with temporary files
detach Start a process detached from a terminal
di Disk Information Utility
dim A directory lister which sorts the file list in 2D
dirdiff A graphical diff tool
diskcheckd Daemon to check for disk read errors
diskmark A program to mark disks using empty partition table entries
diskprep A program to prepare disks for use based on a config file
disktool XView sysadmin tool for monitoring diskfull situations
disktype Disk formatting type autodetector
diskusage Shows current user diskusage and sum in human-readable format
dmidecode A tool for dumping DMI (SMBIOS) contents in human-readable format
doconfig Kernel "config" wrapper ala Digital Unix's doconfig
dolly A program to clone harddisks/partitions over a fast switched network A program to clone harddisks/partitions over a fast switched network A program to clone harddisks/partitions over a fast switched network
dolly+ Improved version of dolly harddisk/partition network clone utility
dt Data Test Program - disk/tape error diagnostic tool
dtc A hosting web GUI for admin and accounting all hosting services
du2ps Filter for converting output of du to PostScript file
dump9660 Create an ISO 9660 image, possibly incrementally
duplicity Untrusted backup using rsync algorithm
durep Utility for monitoring disk usage in a more visual way than du
dvd+rw-tools DVD burning software
dvdtape Create DVD master filesystems on DLT media
dwatch Dwatch - A Daemon Watcher
eject Utility for ejecting media from CD or optical disk drive
enteruser Extensible script for adding new users
eroaster A GNOME2 frontend to mkisofs/cdrecord
etcmerge Automatic 3-way merge of /etc updates
extipl Partition-selectable boot loader for IBM-PC/AT compatibles
fastest_cvsup Finds fastest CVSup server
fastresolve Programs that process web logs to get DNS and domain ownership info
fcron A periodic command scheduler
fetchlog Fetch and convert new messages of a logfile
ffsrecov Recover files from a corrupt FFS
file Utility to determine file type
foremost Console program to recover files based on their headers and footers
filedupe A utility for quickly finding duplicate files
filelight Represent a file system as a set of concentric segmented-rings
fileprune Prune a file set according to a given age distribution
fileschanged Utility that reports when files have been altered
finfo Finfo displays potentially useful information about a file
flasher Monitors log or mail files for writes, and flashes a keyboard LED
flexbackup Perl-based flexible backup system that can use dump/afio/cpio/tar/star
flock Assert/wait for advisory locks with flock(2)
flog A small STDIN-to-file logger with support for log rotation
fontedit Tools for creating and editing console (syscons) font files
fonteditfs A Full Screen Syscons Font Editor
fortunelock Locks a terminal while showing fortunes
freecolor Displays free memory as a bargraph
freedt An experimental reimplementation of Dan Bernstein's daemontools
freesbie Yet another cool answer to the system-on-cd question
ftrace A file modification/creation watcher
fvcool VCool for FreeBSD - Cooling software for AMD Athlon/Duron CPUs
ganglia-monitor-core Ganglia cluster monitor, monitoring daemon
ganglia-webfrontend Ganglia cluster monitor, web frontend
gcdmaster GNOME frontend for cdrdao GNOME frontend for cdrdao GNOME frontend for cdrdao
gcombust A GTK+ frontend for mkisofs and cdrecord
gconf-editor A gconf database editor for the GNOME 2 environment
gdesklets-multitail Displays multiple log files in one gDesklets display
gdesklets-sensor-psi_cpu CPU sensor form the Psi Sensor Package
gdesklets-sensor-psi_disk Disk Sensor from the Psi Sensor Package
gdesklets-sensor-psi_memory Memory Sensor from the Psi Sensor Package
gdesklets-sysinfo Desklet shows various information about your system
gfslicer A utility to split and join files
gkleds2 GKrellM Leds for CapsLock, NumLock and ScrollLock
gkrellfire Gkrellm2 plugin which shows the system load as a flame
gkrellflynn A tiny system load meter for gkrellm
gkrellm A GTK based system monitor
gkrellm-trayicons GKrellM2 plugin to display definable icons as notifiers or launchers
gkrellm2 A GTK based system monitor
gnomebaker A CD/DVD recording GUI for Gnome
gpte A simple command-line GPT partition editor
graveman Another GTK2 frontend for cdrecord, mkisofs, readcd and sox
gkrellmouse Mouse odometer plugin for GKrellM
gkrellmwho A plugin that scrolls in a panel a list of currently logged on users
gkrellmwho2 Displays logged in users
gkrelltop Plugin for gkrellm 2.x shows top three processes, requires procfs
glload Gl base load monitor
gnomecontrolcenter Control center for GNOME project
gnomecontrolcenter2 Control center for GNOME 2 project
gnomefind Graphical version of the GNU "find" utility
gnomesu A gtk frontend to su
gnomesystemmonitor GNOME 2 system monitor program
gnomesystemtools Tools to configure workstations
gpart Tries to recover lost partition tables and file systems
growspd Quick utility to check files growth rate
grub GRand Unified Bootloader
gstopd GEOM stop daemon
gtk-imonc A GTK2-based imond-client to control an on(e) disc fli4l router
gtk-send-pr GTK2 send-pr tool
gtoaster Graphical cd cooking interface
gupsc A free Gnome client for the Network UPS Tools
hammerhead A webserver stressing tool
healthd A daemon to monitor vital motherboard parameters
heirloom The Heirloom Toolchest is a collection of standard Unix utilities
hourglass A real-time application useful to learn how CPU scheduling works
httplog Apache log rollover program with strftime(3) filename support
idled A daemon that logs out idle users and those users hogging resources
installwatch A file creation/modification logger
ipa Pluggable accounting system
ipsc An IP Subnet Calculator
jailadmin A system for managing a set of named jails
jailer Manage FreeBSD jail startup, shutdown and console
jailuser Builds a chrooted environment
jailutils Several utilities for managing jails
jdiskreport Java program to graphically display disk usage statistics
jkill Shutdowns a running jail and all its processes
jps Wrapper to ps(1) that maps pids to jails
jtop Wrapper to top(1) that maps pids to jails
k3b A CD/DVD recording GUI for KDE
kcpuload CPU meter for Kicker
kcube Another cpu load kicker applet for KDE
kdar KDar is KDE-based backuptool using libdar
kdeadmin3 KDE applications related to system administration
kdirstat A small KDE utility that sums up disk usage for direcory trees
kkbswitch Keyboard layout switcher and indicator for KDE 3.x
kkeyled Panel applet to display the keyboard's LED states
knutclient A visual client for UPS system NUT
krename Very powerful batch file renamer for KDE3
lavaps A lava lamp of currently running processes
lcdproc A client/server suite for LCD devices
ldap-account-manager Webfrontend for managing accounts stored in an OpenLDAP server
lfm Last File Manager, a simple 'commander'-type file manager
libcdio Compact Disc Input and Control Library
libchk A tool to check shared library links
libretto-config Libretto BIOS Setting Program
lineakd Lineakd is a daemon which enables special keys on internet keyboards
linneighborhood GTK+ gui for browsing and mounting SMB filesystems
linux-acu Aironet Cisco Utilities for 802.11 wireless NIC's
linux-afaapps DELL PowerEdge Raid Controller 2 (apps)
linuxfdisk Fdisk, a partition tables manipulator, from util-linux
lire Logfile analyse toolkit for multiple applications
livecd Tool Set to create custom FreeBSD LiveCD
lmmon Display information gathered from MB power management controller
log_analysis A utility that extracts a summary of useful data from logs
logmon An ncurses-based split window log monitoring program
logrotate Daemon to rotate, compress, remove and mail system log files
logtool Parse ASCII logfiles into ANSI, CSV, HTML formats
logtool-devel Parse ASCII logfiles into ANSI, CSV, HTML formats
lookat A program to view Un*x text files and manual pages
lookupd Lookupd daemon - IPC nsswitch implementation with system-wide caching
lookupd_ldap The LDAP plugin for the lookupd daemon
lsmlib A lib that creates a libxml2 tree w/ info. token on a *NIX filesystem
lsof Lists information about open files (similar to fstat(1))
ltrace Dynamic Library Tracer -- similar to strace, but trace library calls
luma A graphical tool for accessing and managing LDAP servers
lxsplit Simple program to split or join files
maint System maintenance package written in Python and CSH
makefs Builds FFS images
manck Manual page consistency checker
mcron A 100% compatible replacement for Vixie cron
memdump Forensic utility for memory-dumping
memgrep Utility to manipulate memory from running processes and core files
memtest Utility to test for faulty memory subsystem
memtest86 Stand alone memory test for x86 architecture computers
metalog Modern syslogd replacement with PCRE support Modern syslogd replacement with PCRE support Modern syslogd replacement with PCRE support
mgeupsd monitor a state of MGE Pulsar UPS connected to RS-232 port
minirsyslogd Minimal, fast and secure syslog receiver
mixer A startup/shutdown script to preserve mixer settings across reboots
mkfile Create files suitable for use as swap files
mksunbootcd Makes ISO images suitable to boot on sparc systems
mktool Portable tools to manage processes and networked services
monitord Service that restarts other standalone services Windowmaker application, Resembles wmmount with extra functionality
msyslog Flexible and easy to integrate syslog daemon
mtxorbd Control Daemon for Matrix Orbital LCD screens
multitail Tail multiple files on console with ncurses
munin-main Collector part of Munin
munin-node Node-specific part of Munin
muse Shows memory usage data
nagios-statd Daemon/client to check remote host information for Nagios
nautilus-cd-burner CD burner view for Nautilus
ndir A featureful directory lister
no-login Refuse a login to a user, and make a note of it in syslog
npadmin An SNMP based command line network printer management tool
ntfsprogs Utilities and library to manipulate NTFS partitions
nut Network UPS Tools
nvclock The nVidia graphic card status and overclocking tool The nVidia graphic card status and overclocking tool The nVidia graphic card status and overclocking tool
nvtv TV output on nvidia card
nwclient Network backup client to NetWorker servers
nwclient602 Network backup client to NetWorker servers
obliterate Securely delete file[s]
open Open opens a new vt and runs a command on it
p5-File-Which Portable implementation of `which' in Perl
p5-Filesys-DiskFree Perl equivalent of df(2)
p5-Filesys-DiskSpace Perl equivalent of statfs(2)
p5-LJ-Cache Perl5 implementation of an LRU dictionary cache
p5-LJ-TextMessage Perl5 interface to send text messages to phones/pagers
p5-Quota Perl module that provides access to filesystem quotas
p5-Schedule-At OS independent interface to the Unix 'at' command
p5-Schedule-Cron Schedule::Cron - cron-like scheduler for Perl subroutines
p5-Schedule-Load Load distribution and status across multiple host machines
p5-Schedule-Match Handles and detects clash between pattern-based schedules
p5-Stat-lsMode Stat::lsMode - format file modes like the ls -l command does
p5-Sys-CpuLoad Perl5 module to retrieve CPU load averages
p5-Sys-Hostname-Long Try every conceivable way to get full hostname
p5-SyslogScan Perl5 routines to parse system logs
p5-Tie-Syslog Tie a filehandle to Syslog
p5-UPS-Nut Perl module for accessing Network UPS Tools' upsd
p5-Unix-ConfigFile Perl modules that provides a simple interface to reading /etc files
p5-Unix-Processors Interface to processor (CPU) information
p5-Unix-Syslog Perl5 interface to the UNIX syslog(3) calls
p5-User User - API for locating user information regardless of OS
paicc Paint Changed Characters
pciutils PCI configuration utilities
pdumpfs A daily backup system similar to Plan9's dumpfs
pdumpfs-clean A utility to clean up old backup files of a pdumpfs archive
pdumpfs-rsync A utility to back up remote files with pdumpfs and rsync
pear-Cache PEAR framework for caching of arbitrary data
pear-File PEAR common file and directory routines
pear-File_Find PEAR class that facillitates the search of filesystems
pear-Log PEAR logging utilities
pecl-fileinfo A PECL extension to retrieve info about files
penv Set the environment according to the current working directory
perf Xview-based system monitoring tool
personality System configuration management utility to alter system personality
pfstat Utility to render graphical statistics for pf
pftop Utility for real-time display of statistics for pf
pib GUI Ports Collection management tool
pipemeter A tool for displaying pipe status information
pkill NetBSD's pgrep and pkill: find or signal processes matching criteria
plconfig Tool for configuring HomePlug powerline bridges
pmap Detailed process memory display
port-authoring-tools "meta-port" for tools to test and submit changes to ports
port-maintenance-tools "meta-port" for administrative tools to maintain ports
portdowngrade Sets a port back to a previous version
portindex Incremental ports INDEX file builder
portmanager FreeBSD installed ports status and safe update utility
portsman An ncurses based front-end to manage the FreeBSD ports collection
portupgrade FreeBSD ports/packages administration and management tool suite
powerman PowerMan is a tool for doing remote power control
prips Prints IP subnet ranges by list or CIDR
procmap Print the contents of a procfs map file
progsreiserfs Utilities and library to manipulate ReiserFS partitions
prune Prune a file set according to a given age distribution
pslist A utility to view or send signals to processes with all their children
psmisc A port of the Linux pstree, killall and pidof commands
pstack Retrieve process/core file stack traces
pstree List processes as a tree
pv A pipe throughput monitor
pwd_unmkdb Recover a master.passwd from the hashed database
pwg A small tool to generate secure, random passwords
pwgen A simple password generator
pwsafe Cmdline program that manages encrypted password databases
pyfind A file-find utility for Gnome loosely modeled after the Windoze utility
qlogtools Tools for processing logs from qmail and other packages
radmind Utility for administering filesystem changes
rc_subr Common startup and shutdown subroutines used by scripts
rclean Command-line rc.conf ordering and cleaning tool
rdate Sets the clock of the local host to the time of another host
rdiff-backup Local/remote mirroring+incremental backup
readlink Dereference a symbolic link and print the name of the target
reoback Simple but flexible ftp/nfs backup script
rlogview A Ruby/GTK graphical log viewer for log4r
rmonitor Remote system monitoring utility
roottail Print text directly to X11 root window
rotate log rotate
rsnapshot Filesystem snapshot utility based on rsync(1)
rtty Multiuser "tip"/"cu" replacement with logging
ruby-log4r A flexible logging library written in Ruby
ruby-quota A Ruby library to manipulate filesystem quotas
runit Service supervision tools compatible with DJB daemontools
runwhen Tools for running commands at particular times
safecat Safely write data to a directory using D. J. Bernstein's Maildir ideology
samefile Find files with identical contents
sarah Syslog automated Rotation and Archive Handler
savelogs Save log files in a nice way
sb16config Configuration utility for Granch SBNI16-SHDSL PCI modems
sbniconfig Configurator for Granch SBNI12-xx adapters
scan_ffs Scan_ffs recovers lost disklabel
sdd Faster and improved version of dd
sec Simple event (logs) correlator
service-config Utility to create and configure svscan service directories
setcdboot Mark a file bootable within a DEC Alpha ISO-9660 image
setquota Command line quota tools
sformat Allows formatting/partitioning/analysis/repairing of SCSI disks
sge Sun Grid Engine, a batch queueing system
shlock Create lock files for use in shell scripts
sjog Userland daemon for Sony Vaio Jog Dial
skill SuperKILL, kill or renice processes by pid, name, tty or uid
slay Kills a login shell and process(es) of a user
sleuthkit The @stake Sleuth Kit for forensic analysis
slmon S-Lang System Monitor
sloth Slow down a process
smartmontools S.M.A.R.T. disk monitoring tools
snowlog A webserver access log browser/analyzer
socket Create tcp socket and connect to stdin/out
socklog Small and secure replacement for syslogd
spassgen Qt GUI secure password generator
spinner Keep ssh and telnet connections from dropping due to inactivity
srmt Schily's enhanced rmt implementation
ssync A minimalistic tool for keeping filesystems in synchronization
stalepid Check for stale pid files and remove them
stat Print inode contents
stmpclean Remove old files from temporary directories
stow GNU version of Carnegie Mellon's "Depot" program
stowES stow Enhancement Script
stress Tool to impose load on and stress test Unix-like systems
su2 An enhanced su, allows users to su with own password + more
symlinks Symbolic link maintenance utility
synergy Mouse and keyboard sharing utility
syslog-ng A powerful syslogd replacement
task The @stake Sleuth Kit for forensic analysis
tcplist Lists tcp connections to/from local machine (+username on both sides)
tct Analyzer for forensic data
tdir Advanced file directory display utility
tenshi Tenshi is a log monitoring program, designed to watch multiple logs
tentakel A program for executing commands on many hosts in parallel
testdisk Tool to check and undelete partitions
thefish Qt/Gtk+/ncurses rc.conf editor/management tool
ucspi-ipc UCSPI tools for building local-domain client-server applications
throttle A pipe bandwidth throttling utility Ticker dockapp for Window Maker
timelimit Limit the absolute execution time of a process
tmpwatch A utility for removing files based on when they were last accessed
top Display and update information about the top cpu processes
torsmo System monitor that renders text on desktop
toshctl A command-line tool to access parts of the Toshiba hardware interface
tree Display a tree-view of directories with optional color or HTML output
ttyload Give a color-coded graph of load averages over time
tua The Uucp Analyzer
ucspi-tcp Command-line tools for building TCP client-server applications
ucspi-unix UNIX-domain socket client-server command-line tools
udesc_dump udesc_dump, showes USB descriptors
unquote Execute a command with safely quoted arguments
upsd APC Smart UPS Monitoring Daemon
upsmon Basic UPS monitor for the APC SmartUPS devices
uptimec Client for Uptime Project
uptimed uptime daemon
uschedule A scheduler program, designed to replace cron(8) and at(1)
userinfo Show information about local users
userlist Prints a list of all usernames in /etc/passwd
usermatic Scripts to automate the maintenance of accounts
usermin Web-based interface for performing some user tasks
userneu Account management and creation tool
userneu-devel Account management and creation tool
usrinfo Displays information about a user using either "<br>" or "\n" breaks
utcount Users Traffic Count
uwatch Monitor user logins and logouts
vcp Copy files in curses interface
videogen A tool for calculating XFree86 modelines
virtualmin A virtual hosting management system based on webmin
vobcopy Decrypts and copies DVD .vob files
wait_on Enable shell scripts to monitor directories for new files
watchdog Watchdog daemon for the AMD Elan sc520 system-on-chip
webjob Download and execute a program over HTTP/HTTPS
webmin Web-based interface for system administration for Unix
weedit File duplicate scanner with database support
whatpix Perl console application which finds, moves or deletes duplicate files
whowatch Displays information in real time about users currently logged on
wmapm Laptop battery status display for WindowMaker
wmapmload APM battery status monitor dockapp with a similar look to wmcpuload
wmavgload Another WindowMaker load gauge
wmbattery Window Maker dockapp that displays info about your battery
wmbluecpu A CPU monitoring dockapp
wmbsdbatt Dockapp for battery & temperature monitoring through ACPI
wmcpuload An "lcd" dockapp for windowmaker, which displays the current cpuload
wmcube Window Maker dockapp that displays cpu load and a realtime 3d object
wmcube-gdk wmcube-gdk is a modified version of the dockapp wmCube
wmfire Window Maker dock app showing load average as a flame
wmflame A dockapp that shows the load average as a flame
wmfsm Displays filesystem usage of mountpoints in a nice WindowMaker dockapp
wmhm WindowMaker dockable hardware monitor for FreeBSD
wminet Window Maker dockable inetd monitor
wmlmmon WM dock app to display info from MB power management controllers
wmlongrun A dockapp to monitor the LongRun(tm) status on Crusoe
wmmemfree Memory and swap monitoring dockapp
wmmemload An dockapp for windowmaker that displays the current mem/swap usage
wmmemmon Mem/Swap monitoring dockapp for WindowMaker
wmmon WindowMaker dockable system load/performance monitor
wmmount The freespace for Window Maker
wmpccard PCcard monitor for FreeBSD + PAO
wmshutdown Window Maker dock application to shutdown or reboot
wmtop Windowmaker dock app to display top 3 CPU consuming processes
wmupmon An uptime showing dockapp with a similar look to wmcpuload
wmzazof A simple dockapp that displays the uptime, free and used memory
worldtools Handy tools for living with make world
wots System log watch/alert utility, similar to swatch, written in Perl
wtail Wtail does the equivalent of tail -f on several files at once
x86info Utility to display information about the systems x86 processor(s)
xacpim Utility to display battery status and temperature on the root-display
xapply Parallel Execution tool ala xargs/apply
xbatt Laptop battery status display for X11
xbattbar Simple battery meter
xcdroast Another X11 frontend to mkisofs/cdrecord
xcpustate System monitoring utility graphicaly showing cpu load and status
xdu Graphically display output of du
xfce4-battery-plugin Battery monitor panel plugin for XFce4
xfce4-cpugraph-plugin XFce4 systemload plugin with multiple CPU display modes
xfce4-fsguard-plugin XFce4 panel plugin to check a mountpoint for free disk space
xfce4-mcs-manager XFce 4 settings manager
xfce4-mcs-plugins XFce 4 settings manager plugins
xfce4-minicmd-plugin Displays a mini-command line on the xfce4-panel
xfce4-netload-plugin Network Load plugin for XFce4
xfce4-showdesktop-plugin Xfce 4 Plugin to minimize/unminimize all windows
xfce4-systemload-plugin System Load plugin for XFce4
xfce4-utils XFce 4 essential utilities and scripts
xfce4-wavelan-plugin Displays various information about a WaveLAN device
xfsm X File System Monitor
xin Splits standard input and pipes into a command
xloadface Network load monitor for X11
xlogmaster Quick & easy monitoring of logfiles and devices
xmbmon X/tty motherboard monitor for LM78/79, W8378x, AS99127F, VT82C686 and ADM9240
xosview A graphical performance meter
xperfmon A graphical X11 system performance monitor
xperfmon3 Xperfmon++ : A graphical X11 system performance monitor
xstow Enhanced replacement for GNU stow written in C++
xsu Xsu runs commands as root after prompting for the root password
xsysinfo A system information display tool
xsysstats A system information display tool
xvidcap Capture your X display to individual frames or MPEG video Capture your X display to individual frames or MPEG video Capture your X display to individual frames or MPEG video
xwipower Wave power level meter for wi(4)
yawho Simple 'w'-like program; displays connection type and login shell PID
zidrav A file corruption detection and repair program
zisofs-tools User utilities for zisofs
eventwatcher KDE log file/event viewer
klaptopdaemon APM monitor for KDE
nrg2iso Convert Nero .nrg CD-Image format to ISO
openupsd A UPS daemon for some Belkin UPS's
p5-Sys-Utmp Perl5 module which provides Object(ish) Interface to UTMP files
xwlans Utilty to display your wavelan signal strength on the X11 root-display
bpm A graphical BSD ports collection manager
est Enhanced SpeedStep driver for Pentium M processors
estctrl Enhanced SpeedStep control daemon
libutempter Interface to record user sessions to utmp and wtmp files
am-utils The Berkeley Automounter Suite of Utilities
cdf A colorized df
cfvers Configuration versioning system
daedalus Flexible process monitor/restart daemon written in ruby
dcfldd An enhanced dd tool with MD5 hashing capability
dvdbackup Backup content from DVD to hard disk
freebsd-sha1 FreeBSD sha1 utility
gksu Graphical frontend to su
gnome-schedule GNOME GUI for configuring a users crontab
graft Automatically manage symlinks in a directory hierarchy
libgksu Library providing su and sudo functionality
libgksuui A graphical fronted to su library
memfetch Utility to dump process memory
p5-FreeBSD-Portindex Incremental FreeBSD ports INDEX file generation
pear-Cache_Lite PEAR fast and safe little cache system
portbrowser Graphical frontend for the BSD ports system
portsnap Provides secure snapshots of the ports directory
rsyncmanager Flexible rsync resource manager daemon written in ruby
xfce4-genmon-plugin Generic Monitor XFce4 panel plugin
be_agent VERITAS Backup Exec (tm) UNIX Agent
boxbackup An open source, completely automatic on-line backup system for UNIX
coaster A disc burning application for Gnome 2
dd_rescue A dd tool suitable for rescuing data from a medium with errors
deltup Source delta update program
detox Removes non-standard characters from filenames
dirvish Network backup system based off of rsync
dupfind Finds duplicate files in directory trees
env4801 Output the voltages and temperatures of a Soekris Net4801 computer
fanout Tool to run commands on multiple machines
fatback Recover deleted files from FAT filesystems Recover deleted files from FAT filesystems Recover deleted files from FAT filesystems
fdupes Fdupes is a program for identifying or deleting duplicate files Fdupes is a program for identifying or deleting duplicate files Fdupes is a program for identifying or deleting duplicate files
freebsd-sha256 FreeBSD sha256 utility
freeipmi Library and tools to support IPMI-capable hardware
fsbackup File system backup and synchronization utility
gkfreq A plugin for gkrellm2 which displays the current CPU speed
hdup The little, spiffy, backup tool
heartbeat Subsystem for High-Availability Clustering
i855vidctl10 Resolution tool for Centrino based laptops
ipmitool CLI to manage IPMI systems
jailctl Jail management tool
ledit Line editor to be used with interactive commands
libieee1284 IEEE1284 communications library
lineak_defaultplugin Default plugins for lineakd
lineak_kdeplugins KDE plugins for lineakd
lineak_xosdplugin Xosd-plugin for lineakd
lmon Near-realtime log monitoring tool, sends alerts on hits and misses
mapchan Implementation of the utility "mapchan" from SCO Unix
mdf2iso A Alcohol 120% to ISO converter
megarc LSI Logic's MegaRAID controlling software
modules Dynamic modification of a user's environment
monit Unix system management and monitoring
oak System Log Reporting Tool
pcfclock Userland access to the pcfclock device
pdixtract Extracts or converts .pdi file sets to .iso
pear-File_Fstab PEAR class to read and write fstab files
pear-File_Gettext PEAR GNU Gettext file parser
pear-I18Nv2 PEAR Internationalization
pear-Translation2 PEAR class for multilingual applications management PEAR class for multilingual applications management PEAR class for multilingual applications management
pidof A tool which prints PID of given process name
plod A system administration journaling tool
rdiff-backup-devel Local/remote mirroring+incremental backup
rfstool Read from a Reiser file system
serpentine Gnome Audio Cd Buner
symon Performance and information monitoring tool
system-tools-backends Backend system admin scripts for gnome-system-tools
topless Display command output on the whole screen like "top"
udfclient Tools for UDF filesystem
ufs_copy Fast copy utility for UFS filesystem
unidesc Unicode Description Utilities
xfsprogs A set of utilities and library to manipulate an xfs filesystem
44bsd-more The pager installed with FreeBSD before less(1) was imported
cdircmp Compare directories and select files to copy
cmospwd A BIOS password recovery tool
conky An advanced, highly configurable system monitor for X
dvdimagecmp A simple tool for comparing an image to a burned disc
eiciel A GNOME-based ACL editor, with integration into Nautilus
epylog Epylog is a syslog parser which mails you the output
ezjail A framework to easily create, manipulate and run FreeBSD jails
freebsd-snapshot Convenience frontend tools for the management of UFS2 snapshots Convenience frontend tools for the management of UFS2 snapshots Convenience frontend tools for the management of UFS2 snapshots
fusefs-kmod Kernel module for fuse Kernel module for fuse Kernel module for fuse
fusefs-libs FUSE allows filesystem implementation in userspace
fusefs-sshfs Mount remote directories over ssh
gag Graphical Boot Manager
gdmap Graphical disk map Utility
graphicboot Provides graphical X Window startup to FreeBSD during 'rc'
highlnk A tool to save disk space on hard disks by using hardlinks A tool to save disk space on hard disks by using hardlinks A tool to save disk space on hard disks by using hardlinks
hilite A command-line utility to highlight anything printed to stderr
hoz File splitter, GTK and CLI versions
less A better pager utility
magicrescue A file recovery tool which recovers deleted files from a block device
mmore An Motif/X file/stream viewer
most A pager (like less) which has support for windows and binary files
netdump-server RedHat server part of netdump/netconsole package for linux
newportsversioncheck Ports new version checker
p5-File-Stat-Bits Perl5 module interface to the major()/minor() C routines
p5-Filesys-DiskUsage Perl equivalent of du(1)
p5-Unix-Mknod Perl5 module to create special files
psgconf Controls system configuration
pwgen2 A small, powerful, GPL'ed password generator
raincoat BIOS flash utility for the Microsoft Xbox
reed A text pager with autoscrolling and more
rej Merges patch-rejects and runs a merge program to verify the changes
relaxconf A set of text menu based utilities for configuring RelaxBSD LiveCD
rename Rename multiple files using regular expressions
screen A multi-screen window manager
tinybsd Shell script to build embedded systems based on FreeBSD
tmpreaper Cleans up files in directories based on their age
ucspi-proxy A proxy program for UCSPI servers and clients
vii Execute a command repeatedly and scroll the output
vttest A program to test "VT100-compatibility" of terminals
watchfolder Watch folders for new files and process them
wtmp-tools The tool for editing wtmp files and converting into this format
wuzzah A command line utility for stalking users
ciso A tool to compress ISO images to CSO format
agef Show disk usage of file sizes and counts sorted by file age
amrstat Utility for LSI Logic's MegaRAID RAID controllers
apt Advanced front-end for dpkg
areca-cli Command Line Interface for the Areca ARC-xxxx RAID controllers
atitvout Toggle TV Out on Mach64 graphics cards
bacula-bat The network backup solution (GUI) The network backup solution (GUI) The network backup solution (GUI)
bacula-docs The Bacula document set
bashburn CD burning bash script
batmon GNUstep battery monitor for laptops
battmond A daemon monitoring the battery level of ACPI-enabled laptops
binup BSDUpdates system update tool
biosfont Kernel module to retrieve bitmap fonts from BIOS memory
brasero CD/DVD mastering tool for the GNOME desktop
flyback A backup frontend like Apple's Time Machine
bsd-splash-changer Boot Splash Image Changer
bsdadminscripts A small collection of administration scripts
daa2iso Convert PowerISO DAA files to ISO9660
decomment Removes comments and (optionally) whitespace from a file.
bsdstats Monthly script for reporting anonymous statistics about your machine
burn GNUstep based CD burning program
cciss_vol_status Reports status of logical drives on ciss(4) controllers
ck4up Checks http and ftp sites for updates
clonehdd Tool for clone HDD on FreeBSD
comiccron A cron like tool that performs a single pass on a cronfile
condor Condor High-Throughput Distributed Batch System
consolekit Framework for defining and tracking users
cramfs The compressed ROM filesystem
cromwell Linux (and FreeBSD :-) BIOS images for the Microsoft Xbox
cw A non-intrusive color wrapper for common commands
ddrescue Data recovery tool Data recovery tool Data recovery tool
desktopbsd-tools DesktopBSD tools for easy system configuration
devcpu Kernel module that provides access to i386 MSRs and cpuid info
devcpu-data Microcode data file to be used with sysutils/devcpu port
dircomp Compare two directories
diskscrub Writes patterns on files to make retrieving the data more difficult
downtime A GTK-based shutdown manager using shutdown(8)
dusage Report about disk space in use, change since last run, etc
dvdisaster A CD/DVD error recovery tool
empower A graphical sudo tool based on the EFL
endian Report endianness of a system
etoile-behavior Etoile Project AppKit bundle for session
etoile-installer Etoile Project Installer for GNUstep
etoile-system Etoile Project System Tool
eventlog Replacement of the simple syslog() API providing structure to messages.
evtviewer PERL-based Event viewer
extrackt Audio CD ripper and encoder
facter A cross-platform Ruby library for retrieving facts from OS
farbot FreeBSD Automated Release Bot
ffs2recov A utility to recover UFS2 filesystems
freqsdwn FREQSHIP-mini Mitsubishi Electric UPS controller daemon
fusefs-curlftpfs Mount remote ftp directories
fusefs-encfs An encrypted pass-through FUSE filesystem
fusefs-funionfs Union filesystem for the FUSE driver
fusefs-gnome-vfs Interface between FUSE and the Gnome VFS 2.0
fusefs-httpfs Fuse-based http filesystem
fusefs-ntfs Mount NTFS partitions (read/write) and disk images
fusefs-pod FUSE-based filesystem for iPod
fusefs-smbnetfs Mount smb shares (Fuse filesystem)
fusefs-sqlfs SQLite backed FUSE file system
fusefs-unionfs FUSE based implementation of the well-known unionfs
fusefs-wdfs Mount remote WedDAV directories with Fuse
fusefs-wikipediafs Mount mediawikis
fuser POSIX fuser utility for FreeBSD
gai-leds A GAI applet that displays the keyboard status leds
gapcmon Montior apcupsd with GTK+2 GUI
geomgui Viewer for kernel geom layer
ghasher GUI frontend to MD5 sum
gnome-control-center Control center for GNOME 2 project
gnome-control-center1 Control center for GNOME project
gnome-mount A front-end to mount, umount, and eject using HAL
gnome-power-manager Power management system for the GNOME Desktop
gnome-system-monitor GNOME 2 system monitor program
gnome-system-tools Tools to configure workstations
gnome-volume-manager Automatically mount removable media, and more
gnome_subr Common startup and shutdown subroutines used by GNOME scripts
googlog GoogLog is a simple tool to search inside your syslog files
grok An expert system for real-time log analysis
hachoir-metadata Extract metadata from files
hachoir-subfile Find subfiles in any binary stream
hachoir-urwid Binary file explorer
hachoir-wx Hachoir GUI
htop A better top(1) - interactive process viewer
iat Converter of many types of CD-ROM image file formats into ISO-9660
iextract Extract meta-information from files
ipmi-kmod Backport of ipmi driver from FreeBSD 7-CURRENT for FreeBSD 5.3 - 6.1
isomaster GTK2 (bootable) CD ISO Image editor
jailme A setuid version of jexec to allow normal users access to jails
javaservicewrapper Application to solve problems common to many Java applications
k8temp Athlon 64 and Opteron on-die temperature reader
keep A backup system for KDE
kldfind Find kernel modules by string
klineakconfig Configure lineakd through a KDE interface
kmilo Enables special keys on custom keyboards
komparator KDE app that searches and synchronizes two directories
kshutdown Advanced shutdown utility for KDE
ksynaptics KDE control center module for Synaptics touchpads
ldapvi A tool to update LDAP entries with a text editor
lineak-defaultplugin Default plugins for lineakd
lineak-kdeplugins KDE plugins for lineakd
lineak-xosdplugin Xosd-plugin for lineakd
linrename Rename multiple files using substitution
linux-megacli LSI MegaRAID SAS controller management utility
linux-megamgr LSI MegaRAID controller management utility
linux-nero CD/DVD disk burner
linux-procps Linux psproc binaries
logserial Daemon logging data from serial port
lugtools Handles creation and removal of LDAP POSIX user and groups
mcweject Removable media eject
mono-kmod Execute .NET applications from command line
mountsmb2 SMB/CIFS shares mounting scripts to do it at login
mpiexec A tool to run a parallel job from within a PBS environment
mtpfs MTP device filesystem
namefix Batch renamer
p5-Probe-Perl Information about the currently running perl
relpath Find a relative path from START_DIR to END_PATH.
nbosd Displays battery life and CPU frequency with an OSD
ncdu Ncurses du(1)
nctop A remote system monitor for unix hosts
nitrogen Background browser and setter for X windows
ods2 An utility for manipulating ODS-2 filesystems
p5-BSD-Jail-Object An object oriented perl interface to jail(2)
p5-BSD-Sysctl Fetch sysctl values from BSD-like systems
p5-Brackup Flexible backup tool
p5-Dir-Purge Purge directories to a given number of files
p5-File-Next File-finding iterator
p5-Filesys-Df Perl extension for filesystem space
p5-Filesys-Statvfs Perl extension for statvfs() and fstatvfs()
p5-Fuse Write filesystems in Perl using FUSE
p5-Fuse-Simple Simple way to write filesystems in Perl using FUSE
p5-MogileFS-Client Client library for the MogileFS distributed file system
p5-MogileFS-Utils MogileFS tools
p5-Proc-PidUtil PID file management utilities
p5-Sys-Filesystem Perl module to Retrieve list of filesystems and their properties
p5-Sys-Gamin Perl interface to Gamin (File Access Monitor implementation)
p5-Sys-Hostname-FQDN Get the short or long hostname
p5-Sysadm-Install Typical installation tasks for system administrators
p5-mogilefs-server MogileFS (distributed filesystem) server
pax-utils Various ELF related utils for ELF32, ELF64 binaries
pessulus A lockdown editor for GNOME
pflogx Simple tool to export pf (packet filter) logs to XML files
phantom Phantomblock generator (converts existing files to sparse files)
policykit Framework for controlling access to system-wide components
puppet A configuration management framework written in Ruby
puppet-devel A configuration management framework written in Ruby
py-bcfg2 A configuration management system written in Python
pyrenamer A mass file renamer written in PyGTK A mass file renamer written in PyGTK A mass file renamer written in PyGTK
qpxtool A GUI for testing CD/DVD quality and transfer rate
radeontool ATI Radeon video card contoroling tool useful for laptops
rcsedit A simple wrapper for RCS written in Perl
reclinker Recursive symlinking utility
recoverdm Recover files and discs with damaged sectors
rsyncbackup Rsync frontend written in Perl
rubygem-capistrano A utility for executing commands in parallel on multiple machines
rubygem-god Monitoring framework written in Ruby
scanbuttond A daemon to monitor and configure modern scanner's buttons
screenie A small and lightweight screen(1) wrapper
searchmonkey Search using regexes for file names and text
seatools Seagate's SeaTools for Linux
sensors-applet A GNOME applet displaying hardware sensor values
sfdisk Standalone sysinstall's fdisk
slst Generates syslog statistics to detect tendencies and unexpected change
snap Tools for periodic and manual management of UFS2 snapshots Tools for periodic and manual management of UFS2 snapshots Tools for periodic and manual management of UFS2 snapshots
syscp PHP-based ISP System Control Panel
sysgather Keep configuration files under version control
syslog-ng2 A powerful syslogd replacement
sysupdate System and ports update script
thunar-volman-plugin A Device manager plugin.
timemon CPU time usage monitor for GNUstep
titlefix Renames files in a proper English title format
torque Open source resource manager
tracker Object database, tag/metadata database, search tool and indexer
ts Serial task spooler
tss Terminal ScreenSaver that allows you to lock you terminal
tw_cli 3ware storage controllers management CLI
unieject Eject(1) replacement Eject(1) replacement Eject(1) replacement
uniutils Unicode Description Utilities
upsdaemon Simple APC UPS Daemon
usbhotkey A utility to remap USB keyboards under X11
vils Use your favorite editor to rename files
vstrip A VOB de-multiplexing tool, splitter and VOB/IFO files processor A VOB de-multiplexing tool, splitter and VOB/IFO files processor A VOB de-multiplexing tool, splitter and VOB/IFO files processor
wmdiskmon Disk usage monitor dockapp
xdd Tool for measuring and characterizing disk subsystem I/O
xfce4-places-plugin A file browser launcher for XFce4 panel plugin
xsi System monitor that provides XML encoded stats
zeroer A command line utility for wiping unallocated space on a filesystem
kgtk Daemon to use KDE dialogs in GTK applications
cdrkit Command-line CD/DVD writing suite
p5-Filesys-DfPortable Filesys::DfPortable - Perl extension for filesystem disk space information.
usbutil USB developer utilities
usbutils Utility for listing USB devices
pydf A python implementation of df
arcconf Adaptec SCSI RAID administration tool Adaptec SCSI RAID administration tool Adaptec SCSI RAID administration tool
ftwin A useful tool to find duplicate files
tm Terminal mixer
sge61 Sun Grid Engine, a batch queueing system
respond A response automator for logged events
sge60 Sun Grid Engine, a batch queueing system
iograph Creates HTML statistics of network transfer
gosa Web Based LDAP Administration Program
swapd A daemon that watches free memory and manages swap files
mybashburn Ncurses CD burning bash script
kleansweep KleanSweep allows you to reclaim disk space by finding unneeded files
ispman ISP management software
uif2iso Convert MagicISO UIF files to ISO9660
Linux Software