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ukrainian : monacofonts
A collection of 5 "fixed" fonts for X11 from
Monaco KOI8-U Cyrillic fonts for X11 systems in BDF format. Total of five bitmap fonts. This port installs PCF versions of the fonts and generates the fonts.alias file, which provides, for the koi8-u and koi8-r encodings -- some applications have the encodings (such as koi8-r) harcoded in them, but koi8-u is a superset of koi8-r.
Version number : 1.0
Md5 : MD5 ( = e5d0aa91407c5a9616bdae346fdc36f0 SHA256 ( = 62fa0c65de6f38816f5d8c1057cdea5c20be96d2a207bc2229154ba9b0bdb00d SIZE ( = 17088
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