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vietnamese : vietunicode-hannom
UNICODE Han Nom Font Set
The true type fonts HAN NOM A and HAN NOM B have been developed by Chan Nguyen Do Quoc Bao (Germany), To Minh Tam (USA) and Ni sinh Thien Vien Vien Chieu (Vietnam). Their work got started in 2001, completed in 2003, and publicized in 2005. These two true type fonts can be used with WIN-2000 or WIN-XP and Office XP or Office 2003 to display Han and Nom characters with code points by the Unicode Standard. Two sets of true type fonts are available with high and low resolutions.
Version number : 2005.02.06
Md5 : MD5 (VietUnicode/ = 635201bac66df36fb15efff3c1983e62 SHA256 (VietUnicode/ = 8dca4bf2574f0936f22a38970f40d8a6a87e321a042d5edfbcbe3739e14b8f06 SIZE (VietUnicode/ = 19385770
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