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vietnamese : vn7to8
Converts between 7-bit Vietnamese VIQR and 8-bit VISCII formats
The two programs "vn7to8" and "vn8to7" convert between the 7-bit VIQR format for Vietnamese (Viet-Net like) and the 8-bit VISCII data formats (RFC 1456). The current supported version is VISCII 1.1. The program "vn80to81" converts files from VISCII 1.0 to VISCII 1.1. For complete details, please see the Viet-Std documents published elsewhere. Contact "[email protected]" if you would like a copy. David O'Brien [email protected]
Version number : 1.1.1
Md5 : MD5 (vn7to8.tar.Z) = 36b2f7e66cb5079e0716ad38cfeb4b4f SHA256 (vn7to8.tar.Z) = cbd6bc2864ff074d8f2b2327e1a97edd3224653f7ba726dc56ddcab3930c535a SIZE (vn7to8.tar.Z) = 48461
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